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Journalist looking for information/leads on forex scams in the era of COVID-19

Hello Forex!
My name is Ed Prideaux and I’m a UK-based journalist (VICE, BBC, FT, Guardian, Independent, Spectator, etc.). I’m interested in writing an article about how scammers are using the internet - and especially social media platforms like IG - to recruit new bait amid the financial stresses of COVID-19.
One area I want to explore is Forex trading, which has attracted its fair share of fake gurus, 'mentors' and other scammers for a while. I’m looking for tips, potential leads, and things to read and check out. Please share anything and everything you think I should see, and especially if it’s connected to COVID-19 and the economic slowdown.
Ideally, I’d also like to source some testimonies from people in the sub-reddit who were recently scammed. As above, I’m especially interested in hearing from those who were targeted and fell for a scam because of financial hardship triggered by the global recession. For testimonies, everything would be anonymous on request. If you want to help, feel free to PM me or leave a comment, and I’ll PM you.
Thanks -
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To those who has years of experience on Forex trading, will the presidential debate move the market violently like NFP?

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So I just wrote down an ebook on Forex price action. It's free! But I'm scared people might use it to rip people off.

I don't mind it being shared, I wrote it in order to help people grow and learn new things. What I'm worried about is that someone might plagiarize it and start charging for it. It already has a link to buy me a coffee, but I don't see anything that could prevent just deleting that with paint, reuploading and selling for like 20 bucks lol.
What steps can i take? And if it happens, how would a lawsuit follow?
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How do i turn off margin trading on Forex?

Does anyone know if the Broker trading rule that limits your trades applies to Forex trades? The platform i'm using ( I think requires margin trading and i don't want to be limited to 3 trades a day.

How do i turn off margin and just use my cash?
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Since their support bot can't help, and I can't speak to a real person, can someone help determine my current leverage on

Unlike Oanda, I was not asked or am able to intuitively see what my current leverage is.
Can anyone who uses help guide a bit?
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Where do brokers on Forex get the money to multiply pips movements?

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What is good weekly profits on Forex?

Hi guys,
What is your weekly profit on Forex? And what is a good one level?
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Taking a pause from crypto and focusing on forex!

Do you guys think this is a good move for the moment. The crypto market is going on a straight line in general so I'm trying to focus more on the forex pairs to get some side profit during this period.
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Can you trade US30 on

I'm somewhat new to officially trading Forex - although I've practiced on a Demo for quite a while. I typically prefer to trade smaller amounts on US30 but as a U.S. citizen I've found it difficult to get signed up with a broker who does US30. Is there a way to do US30 on That is what I'm currently using.
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Best 3 ways to profit on forex

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Playing Safe on Forex trading

Hi guys. I'm basically new to trading forex despite studying for 10 months, I feel like I'm a no good trader. Just a small background, I tried to trade on real account after 4 months with a trading plan I copied from a forex guru and I lost 25% of my $100 in 3 months (very small account just to test my psychology). I decided to study again with the help of babypips and started demo trading 2 months ago by constructing my own trading plan which is based on trend/range trading. My problem is, I feel like I'm super playing it safe in trading. I've only had 4-6 trades in a month and an average win rate of 83% having 100-150 pips gain. I am currently looking at H1 and H4 timeframes. Do you think having 4-6 trades a month is a very small frequency given that i look at H1/H4 charts? How often do you guys trade for those who look at H1/H4 charts? Is there any advice you can tell me which will improve my trading frequency?
Thanks for taking the time to read and response on this post.
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Selling before split shares on Forex

My question is with T212 can you sell on forex before the split happen (Apple, Tesla) about few days before and make a profit? Or the platform will block your profit money and don’t get them back? I would like to make this transaction and make some profit if it’s legit ehehe
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Manufacturers Blast Buhari, FG over Ban on Forex for Food Imports ⋆

Manufacturers Blast Buhari, FG over Ban on Forex for Food Imports ⋆ submitted by ThaBlackLoki to NigeriaNews [link] [comments]

AFR: Best books/courses on Forex for newbie

I am planning to write a forex trading bot from scratch. Since I have zero knowledge on forex, I am looking to first get some basics done, then do some hands on myself for sometime and auto mate the process afterwards.
What are some good books om Forex that you would recommend?
Please fee free to correct my approach altogether, I might just not be on the right track. But the intent is to create a bot in future.
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Cross posting a question on Forex!

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Paying "TAX" as a trader on Forex

I have a question regarding tax, How do you guys pay the feds on your trading income?
Example: On The United States
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How do i turn off margin trading on Forex?

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AFR: Best books/courses on Forex for newbie

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Can u really invest ur money’ on forex trading in 2020 will it be a good move yall???

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What are you opinions on forex investors?

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Don't understand why there was some huge impulsive spikes on Forex chart.

Don't understand why there was some huge impulsive spikes on Forex chart.
There was a very huge impulsive spike in the following chart
It is real because I saw it:
Anyone out there know the reason? Or, anyone has the same experiences to share?
Thanks a lot!
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[Business] - Rupee spurts 52 paise to over 5-month high on forex inflows

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